How to use Loklok APK Correctly [Full Tutorial]

Loklok APK is an online streaming app for Android. It allows you to watch movies, TV shows, web series and anime material for free. Both national and international content is available in Loklok. Its users enjoy streaming due to its unique features, high quality and subtitles of a library of languages.

how to use loklok app

If you know the correct way to use the app, all the entertainment it can offer you in online streaming is all yours. 

Tips to use in Loklok streaming

To use Loklok efficiently and to find what you want to watch in it is quite tricky. This is because Loklok contains a vast number of movies, TV shows and other content. To make it easier for you to enjoy the full benefits of the app, there are a few tips to follow:

  1. Use Smart search – Smart search feature is available in Loklok with its search bar itself. You can use keywords of the title, cast, genre or even the director to search the content. It will display all the movies, shows and series related to your search at once for you to choose from.
  2. Use Loklok tabs – Loklok APK has several tabs at the bottom of its interface. It categorizes the content into movies, TV shows, animation, trending, etc. Using these tabs you can easily find what you want or the ones you need to continue to watch. The popular and trending tabs also help you find new movies that you have no knowledge to type and search.
  3. Keep your own Watchlist – When you search the content by searching or scrolling down the listed items, you will find ones that you are interested in. To make sure that you donot miss them later, you can add them to your playlist. This can be done by simply tapping on the “Add to Watchlist” button near each movie when you open it. Later, you can go to the “Watchlist” and find the ones you marked earlier and watch them easily.
  4. Consider recommendations – Loklok will provide you recommendations based on your early watched content. You will get suggestions of the same genre, director, cast, etc. under this set. You will find more interesting items to watch or to add to your playlist immediately out of this list. 

How to download videos from Loklok for free?

Loklok allows you to enjoy watching its videos offline. To do this, you must download those videos to your device. Loklok videos can be easily downloaded by following just a few steps:

First go to the search bar and type what you want to watch. You can use keywords, the full title, the genre, or casts’ names to do this.

When the results are displayed, choose exactly what you want and tap on it.

The movie or the show that you chose will open and you should be able to see the details of it now. Its overview, casts, genres, directors, ratings and comments will be shown underneath the theme picture of it.

Right next to the “Play” button there is the “Download” button. By clicking on it the video will start to download. It will first ask for the quality you expect and for any subtitles if you wish. After giving your preferences, you will only have to wait for the downloading process to complete. This might take a few minutes, depending on your broadband speed and the device.

When the downloading is done, you can go to your “Downloads” folder and check for the video. Finally you can enjoy watching it offline with subtitles by simply opening it on your device.

Using Multi-profiles in Loklok

Loklok allows you to keep more than one user profile. You can have different usernames and passwords for each and login using them separately. This is useful if the user wants to improve their privacy. You can have different watch lists, watch history, recommendations and customization for each profile.

Creating new user profiles:

To create a second profile in Loklok, you have to take some simple steps:

  1. Open your Loklok app and sign in as the main user.
  2. Go to “Settings” and click on “Create new Profile”.
  3. Now you are free to give a new User name, password and even a profile picture for easy identification.
  4. Finally, save your profile by clicking on the “Save” button.

Switching between user profiles:

Now, in order to switch between the user profiles you have created, you need to go to “Settings” again. There you will be able to see the number of profiles you have as a list. 

You only need to choose the correct profile out of your list. Having a different profile picture for each will help you to choose correctly. By giving the login information correctly, you shall be in the desired profile.

Personalization of user profiles:

Having multiple profiles is useless if the profiles are not different from each other. You can have various preferences, themes, languages, history, playback quality, etc. as default for each profile. All these functions are available in “Manage Profile” under “Settings”. Look carefully through the options and make your profiles unique for easy navigation.

Deleting user profiles:

In case you have decided that you no longer need a certain profile, you can delete it from your profile list. 

First go to “Settings” of that unwanted profile.

Scroll down until you find the button “Delete Profile”. There will be a chance for you to confirm your command.

Once you press “Yes” the profile and its content will be gone for good.

Kids restrictions and Parental controls

Loklok contains an unlimited collection of content in all the categories. So, parents will definitely have a concern in allowing their kids to use it freely. This is because both suitable and unsuitable material can be accessed by the kids through the app.

For this, Loklok has the options for the parents to control what can be viewed and what cannot.

The parents may create a separate user profile for their kids, as explained earlier. This time, you can tick the option to enable filters of age-restrictions. This will ensure that no unsuitable content is viewed by your child.

You can also enable the feature of “Parental control” in your main profile. This is available in “Settings”. Just activate the button so that you shall be in complete control over your kids work.

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