Loklok New Features and Improvements [2024 updated]

Loklok APK is the best mobile app you can use for online streaming. You can get all the features you have been seeking in other online streaming platforms in Loklok. It is completely free and can be easily downloaded to your phone. Loklok offers unlimited streaming of movies, TV shows, animations and web series in all the categories.

loklok features

You can find content of different genres, different languages originated from your country as well as internationally, in it. Since it is a safe and legal app, the users should not be worried about their protection. Just by having Loklok with you, you are open to all the wonder in the world. 

Loklok Features

Search bar 

The main screen of the app contains the search bar. Here you can type what you are looking for by its title, cast, genre or director’s name. The related search results will be displayed in a list or tile form. This is the easiest method of searching the app.

Simple interface

Loklok has a user-friendly interface which is very simple and easy to understand. It can be remembered by anyone ranging from the kids to the very elders. It has its buttons arranged colorfully with simple icons and are well organized within the screen.

Compatible devices

The app has originally been released for Android, so it is compatible with Android mobiles to Smart TV. The version for iOS has not been introduced yet. 


Loklok blocks all the advertisements and sponsor material which can otherwise disturb your streaming. This is very rare in other streaming apps. Most of the online videos are always interrupted by commercial advertisements. However, there will be no such things in Loklok that will waste your time and internet.

Movies and TV Libraries

Loklok libraries are separated for movies and TV series. It has built-in libraries as well as out-sourced libraries. Therefore, it is correct to say that Loklok has unlimited libraries of content. The library contains items of all types including Hollywood, British, Bollywood, Tamil, Malayalam, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, etc.

Different genres

The content of Loklok covers all the genres known so far. These include comedy, drama, romance, adventure, thriller, horror, documentary, Sci-Fi, fantasy, mystery, crime, war, history, music, dance, etc.

Multi sources

Loklok outsources content from many other sources. This ensures that you will be able to watch whatever you search in the app. These sources include YouTube, Iflix, Prime Video, etc. This means that you can access these platforms via the app as well. So you will never run short of things to watch in Loklok.

In-built media players

There is a high performance media player in Loklok. You can use it for both online and offline streaming. It can be customized for the volume, brightness, subtitles, resolution, and the like of what you are watching.

Loklok Offline

This mode is for the time that you do not have the internet connection. You can either use that app to watch videos that are on your device. Or you can download movies and TV shows when you are online and keep them on the device. These can be watched later when you are offline. 

App updates

Loklok has real time updates. That is why you can find all the freshly released movies on the app without any delay. However, the app updates are also quite frequent. You will have to visit the website, find the updates and reinstall them. 

International News

There is an international News broadcast in the Loklok app. This feature allows you to stream both saved news and live news. You can select through channels, countries and times of the broadcast and start watching. 

Account Customization

If you own a Loklok account, it can be customized as per your wish. These options are available in the app Settings. At the start, you can change its language. This will change the language of the full app. Thereafter you may add a theme, name your preferences, add a profile picture and user name, switch between dark mode and light mode, etc.

Guest Login

If you do not want to create a Loklok user account, you still can use the app and stream freely. This is because the app allows guests access to its full content. However, there are some features that you cannot customize as a guest. 

Resolution selection

The video quality can be adjusted by choice in each what you stream. The media player contains this option. The resolution starting from the SD quality to the HD quality is available for the videos. You may select according to your broadband width, internet speed and your location.


Loklok provides subtitles of all the languages to the movies and TV shows available. To do this, its feature of multi-sourcing is a help too. It is easier to watch items of any language with the subtitles of your own language.

Data saving

Loklok streaming does not consume your bandwidth as much as the other platforms. You will be surprised to find out how low data consumption it has. This feature allows you to watch more videos per day or a known time. Even if you are in a location with less internet coverage you can access Loklok streaming.

My List

When you come across interesting movies or shows, you can save those in My List. This will help you access them when you have time later. 

Sorting saved content

The items in your My List can be sorted according to time added, genre, director, cast, etc. 

Audio tracks

Each video contains more than one sound track from many languages. If you would like, you can choose a sound track and it will play along with the video. So you will be able to listen to international movies from your own language with Loklok.

Trending and Recommendations Lists

These 2 lists are available in the home screen itself. The trending list is made of the popular, top rates and most viewed suggestions. The recommendations list is based on your watch history. The app can recall what you have searched for, what you would like to watch and related videos. These will be listed for you. It is easier to scroll down these lists and find interesting and newly released material to watch.

Customer Support

The Loklok community offers efficient and quick customer support if you face any trouble while using the app. Their contacts can be found at the bottom of the home screen. You can report your issue or contact them to get their advice. 

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