Loklok APK Latest Download | Updated 2.3.1 Version 2023

Loklok is an application used for online streaming. It is an aternative to paid streaming platforms that allow its users to watch their favorite Hollywood blockbusters, TV shows, and documentaries with preferred subtitles. The users can find a wide variety of these vidoes in this app totally for free. It includes all the kinds of genres like love, romance, comedy, history, action, horror, fantasy, cartoons, drama, adventure, crime, war, thriller, etc. The users can dive to the depths of entertainment of whatever the taste they prefer.

loklok apk download

LokLok Download

Loklok features

Loklok gives you highly demanding and exclusive features that you have been desperately searching for in streaming. Those are as follows:

  1. Watch innumerous videos from all over the world
  2. Broad range of genres and formats
  3. Inbuilt video players 
  4. International News
  5. Download and save content to watch later
  6. A multi-sources library and Real-time updates
  7. Uninterrupted, add-free smooth playback
  8. High quality of visual content
  9. Adjustable options for quality and subtitles
  10. Low bandwidth utilization
  11. Option to watch offline
  12. Personalization of the interface
  13. Compatibility with a wide variety of devices
  14. Allowance to create multiple playlists
  15. Labelling of content by time
  16. Customer support
  17. Presented in a range of languages 
  18. Registrations are not necessary
  19. Use search bar to easily browse through the content
  20. Recommendations of trending videos

How to download and install Loklok to your device

Installing Loklok App on Android Phones

  1. Download Latest Loklok APK by clicking on the download button
  2. Go to the phone’s “Settings”
  3. Select your security Option and tap “Enable Unknown Sources”
  4. Next, go to “Downloads” in File Manager and click on the downloaded Loklok.APK file
  5. You will be asked to allow all On-screen permissions to complete installing the set up. Please grant your permission.
  6. Finally, click on the App Icon on your home screen to open it and revel in HD streams.

Installing Loklok App on iPhones

  1. Go to the Apple Store in your iPhone amd log in with your Apple ID
  2. Open your Home Page and enable Search Function by tapping on it
  3. Type “Loklok App” and tap the search button
  4. Find the Official App among the results and hit the install button
  5. Tick all the “On-screen commands” in order to complete the installation
  6. Click on the new App icon on your home scree and start streaming.

Installing Loklok App on PCs

  1. Open your familiar browser and download an Android Emulator (like BlueStacks)
  2. Read and follow the installation guidelines provided to run the Emulator properly
  3. Next, open the web browser of the blueStacks and download the loklok APK file from loklokdownload.com website.
  4. Select the Official App icon and complete the installation process
  5. Now, go to the Download Folder in your PC and Launch the App
  6. Start the installation procedure as directed and allow all on-screen commands in order to finish  it.
  7. Finally, click on the App on your desktop to open it and enjoy.

Safety & Legality of Loklok

Since Loklok understands the importance of user privacy, they have implemented robust measures to safeguard privacy data. To ensure the confidentiality of messages, the app uses end-to-end encryption protocols.
Therefore, both communication and your personal information is totally safe within the app. 

Loklok is rated to be a safe app by the Google Play Protect scans. But as we all agree, it is better to be cautious when downloading from unknown sources.

Loklok is legalized to be used in most of the countries. But, there are still a few countries in which the app is not available. To find whether Loklok is legal in your country, you should check with the respective local authorities.

Pros & Cons 


  1. The app is entirely free of charge with no any hidden fees such as a registration fee or monthly subscriptions is necessary.
  2. It provides a wide collection of movies of different genres.
  3. This app is frequently updated.
  4. The app has offline activity.


  1. Unavailability in Google Play Store.
  2. The app could be having a third-party interference.
  3. The quality could differ from video to video
  4. They might have copywriting issues.
  5. Lack of Customer support

A Few Common Errors Found in Loklok App

  • In addressing some commonly faced issues in using the app, here are some tips that will be helpful.
  • In case of your app not working properly, just restart your app or restart your mobile.
  • If your phone isn’t supporting this app, check your user guide. 
  • Sometimes the app undergoes server maintenance, in such cases, please wait until the developer solves that problem.
  • If there is a heavy traffic on the server when more people play videos and games simultaneously, the app might malfunction.
  • Just be patient to enjoy the best experience.

Loklok FAQs

Q: Can Loklok be downloaded on Android TV?

A: Since the Loklok app is not available in the google play store, it is impossible to download the Loklok app on your Android TV.

Q: Why is Android app permission is required to download Loklok TV Apk?

A: This is because apps need to access the systems of certain devices. As soon as an app is installed, the device notifies you of all the necessary permissions

Q: Can I share my Loklok drawings with others?

A: Yes, you can simply share your LokLok drawings with your contacts via any messaging platforms.

Q: In what devices can I install Loklok app?

A: You can install the Loklok apk on any Android mobile phone, computer, or laptop with just a few taps.


The society is privileged to have abundant access to the world through this free online streaming application with plenty of satisfying features. The universal cinematic experience granted to the users by this challenges the other similar apps which are well known.

Conclusively, regardless of the benefits and drawbacks that everything consists of, Loklok can be recommended to be the best app for those who spend leisure time streaming. In fact, as the very common consequences that other online streaming apps have are all diminished here, the smooth experience could be thrilling.

Therefore, we invite you to install this app and explore the world without hesitation and revel in the wonder it has to offer you.

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